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Elevate your skills with MARC EDU-TECH Solutions! Unlock innovative learning in Emerging Tech, Soft Skills, and Entrepreneurial success. Benefit from Experienced Mentors, Personalized Tech Training, and Comprehensive Placement Assistance. Explore now!


Experiential, Experimental learning and appreciation of varied cultures has resulted MARC EDU-TECH
Solutions in the year 2016. MARC EDU-TECH Solutions aims to crop up suitable prospective candidates by
Enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of every individual and accordingly matching the skill sets
Required by the industry and society.

Founder Dr.Mahantesh R. Choudhari and MARC EDU-TECH team stamped their mark in academic and
Corporate circles. MARC EDU-TECH Solutions comes with the unique combination of academic
Experience, research experience and IT Industry experience forms the most impacting clout in academic and
IT consulting circles.


MARC EDU-TECH Solutions Offers Services in The Following Area.

MARC EDU-TECH Solutions offers services in education, consulting, and IT, creating a transformative impact through innovative learning and solutions.

Emerging Tech Solutions

Empowering Progress With Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions.

Tech Training / Trending Courses

Cutting-Edge Tech & Trending Courses For Career Excellence.

Placement Assistance

Secure Your Career path with MARC’s Placement Assistance.

Industrial Automation Assistance

Elevate Industries with Expert Industrial Automation Guidance.

Workshop/Seminar at Universities/Colleges

Elevate Learning with Impactful Workshops and Seminars.

Start-Up Assistance

Start-Up Assistance Particularly in Technology driven areas

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Our Mission

1. To create Creative and Critical thinkers, and Collaborative team members as they constitute an important part of our daily life.
2. To Assist and Leverage Emerging Technology Tools and Resources to Upgrade and Enhance Workflow.
3. To understand Entrepreneurship Qualities and Traits.
4. To provide high quality Training to all our Participants and Partners.

Our Vision

To nurture young minds creativity and provide numerous opportunities to achieve their long cherished aim through activism.

MARC EDU-TECH Objectives

Elevate Skills, Empower Careers! MARC EDU-TECH Fosters Growth Through Tech Training, Startup Support, And Placement Assistance.

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